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Audition Time & Learning Lines.

Updated: Apr 11

I find printing my script off, on paper & also recording my lines to tape, helps a lot; so as, I can then turn off my i-phone, learn my lines, & not be distracted, as amazing as the i-phone is, in certain ways of course.

You can buy a mini-pocket tape recorder & there you go. I record my line 3 times, then the other characters once, & so forth. Although I don’t have kids yet, as I haven’t met the woman of my life; I have a lot of family activities going on, so to simply press the play button & repeat my lines again & again & again, even whilst cooking, taking my puppy for a walk & so forth, is a game-changer; also when rehearsing at home, it helps me imagine the set scenario, in prep for filming.

I kind of like really prepare for filming, as if it’s a classical music concert. I prefer it that way. Deep study, and plenty of preparation.

Also on-set, I prefer to be engaged with fellow cast members, so paper script is a must, & my i-phone is turned off & put away. With deep study, in this way, I actually see the lines on the page and the page numbers and exactly where the dialogue is, pencil markings etc.

This is much harder, to do, if one is staring at a screen 24/7. Of course I use recycled paper, and anyway, all these devices use a lot of electricity. There we go. Not particularly interesting, but it’s just my vibe for getting in the zone, for the characters I play.

Cheers; it might be of interest.

Also, a good friend of mine reminded me of the fact, that during the last two years, and quite difficult times for all of us, I have filmed over 10 productions. Without meaning to sound arrogant, it’s nice when someone reminds one of that. Cheers guys.

I am also very excited, to start my teaching, along side my Acting. This will be Drama teaching & Special Needs teaching.

Since I was a teacher at Junior Trinity Laban College of music/drama & dance department, I have missed teaching greatly. It’s great to be back.

Have a wonderful day.

Remember; if you create, inspire, shine, and try to keep busy in the day, & do something kind & ask somebody “How are you….” that’s a huge success.

I try and think, that my glass is half full, not half empty. Enjoy this day,

Happy Easter guys,


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