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 CV & Testimonials

 about Andy ANSON 

Height: 6'  |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Blonde 

Andy Anson, is a British Actor, based in London.

Playing ages 31-41

"Andy acted in my sitcom short 'Random Players'. He arrived on set with a friendly and professional manner and was a joy to work with. He understood the role of Mike, really brought the character to life and communicated with the other members of the cast and crew well. I have no doubt that Andy will be a successful and well known actor in the years to come. I would definitely like to work with Andy again."

- Phillip Hockley

“Andy brings a lot to the table when he approaches a character and strives to put in everything he has to a project and is truly invested in the production”

- Cameron Lee Horace



  • Pepe Saya-The Lazy Chef Australia (Butter Brand) Online & Multimedia - Toby Lawrence / Plucky Films UK 

  • The Honourable Wife as George Willard - Luke Main Productions/Oxford Brookes Hampshire

  • Ecom Brokers & Knowlton Marketing Advert as Flipper Man Online & Multimedia


  • National TV Campaign For Tenpin Bowling Advert An Eros Vellucci Production : Young Father

  • Random Players Movie A Phillip Hockley Film : Mike

  • The Calm Before Film A Luke Main Film : Klamms The Preacher Man

  • Derwent Properties LifeStyle Advert London : Model

  • XGIMI HORIZON Pro Commercial : Actor/Model

  • SwissKlip Mens Beauty/FilmJet Commercial : To Camera Promo Actor/Model

  • Lodha International Properties Mayfair London/Commercial : Model/Actor

  • Face of The NHS Poster Campaign Of HOPE for Vaccine : Poster/Billboard Campaign Piccadilly Circus London Nationwide/London/Model


  • Bloodshore Prosterity Pictures LA/Wales X-Box Global Release DVD Theatres : Dev

  • Not For Broadcast TV/Game, on Steam channel : Bjerk. Swedish beach style politician.

  • The Other Woman IMDb : Frank

  • Film. London & Partners. Because I’m a Londoner : Chrome Productions. Film promoting the economy opening up, after Lockdown

  • Verse Versus Verses : Reading of works by Laura Sansom. Web Series Podcast

  • Village Arts Studios Colorado USA : Beyond The Veil,Film, The Story of God, Characters of Saul/Andrew

  • Man of War, Film, London Film Academy : Benjamin Davis, Lead-Role

  • Fraud Squad, Brown Bob Productions, BBC1,IMDb : Fraudster-Son / Lead-Role


  • Motley Crue TV-Film, Reelz Studio, USA/ITV Studios, IMDb : Doug Thaler, Band Manager, Main-Role

  • Adverts with David Beckham, Antony Joshua. Details on biog. : Modelling info in biog and Modelling section, below

  • In Search of Fear, Feature Film, IMDb, Release Cinema April2020 Asia, UK : Lecturer, Main-Role, Director John.K. Webster, Silent D Pictures, My Dreams to Reality Studios

  • Ticked Off, Ealing Studios, Fetivals, Director Kadijha Kamara : Tatehoven, Main-Role

  • Voice Over, Main-Role, Message to Humanity : Director Zed Pheonix

 Training & Workshops 

Weapons Training ( Side, Handgun, Rifle)

Stage Combat

Trained by Marines


Horse riding, Skiing, Hiking, Tennis, Swimming, Fencing, Piano (Grade 6), Singing (Low Tenor), Cooking, Impersonations, UK driving licence, Many different accents including British RP.

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